lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

Let the children play and discover the environment,the secret to Finnish Education

Talking to trees and hiding in trees precedes saving trees” David Solberg

"1st grade students learning about their local forest"

"The importance of being outside is emphatized by National Curriculum"

Get up, get out and get going: motion, exploration in the open  air, no matter the temperature or the time. In Finland children in nature are no endangered species.

sabato 29 ottobre 2016

Saturday 15th October 2016

University of Helsinki, Faculty of Education: Presentation of Learning Portfolios
Our photos of fame...

We got it!

"Teachers from all over Europe"
"The spirit of the European Union"
"Talented teachers"
Saturday 15th October 2016

The souvenirs we bring back for people show them they were in our minds while away: a music box from Brussels, a porcelain sheep from New Zeland, a reindeer from Helsinki...

"This is not the reindeer that I have eaten for dinner"

11th October 2016

Images of an ordinary day in a Finnish School

"Listening to a student's presentation about the image of woman in advertising"

"It's warm in here, you can leave your coat and join the class"

"Taking off shoes before entering the lab"

"A science class in the lab"

"Teachers' lunch break"

"Visiting full lessons"
"15 minutes recess after 45 minutes of instruction, an important part of the school day"

"Lunch is served in the canteen: porridge for everybody, healthy and slurpy"
Monday, 10th October

Venue: Field Project 1:
 Images of Finnish Society in Helsinki plus Seminar

Strolling around

Uspenskin katedraali 

At the University

Pretending to study

Monday, 10th October

Venue: Field Project 1:
 Images of Finnish Society in Helsinki plus Seminar

The Finns enjoy the  magic of silence

Right in the city centre, The Chapel of Silence is an oasis for your soul

Wednesday, 12th October

Street signs are both in Finnish and Swedish
The top is Finnish and the bottom is Swedish

"Street sign in Helsinki"
"Street sign in Helsinki"